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Elevate your data insights to new heights with unmatched functionality. Enjoy a comprehensive suite of plugins with savings of up to 46%.

As you dive into your data, seeking golden insights that could shape your marketing strategy, you find yourself lost in a sea of generic information.

Amplify Matomo's capabilities with the Premium Bundle and get access to 18 exceptional plugins at a discounted price. Start tracking every interaction on your site, store, or app and make data-driven decisions like never before.

Category Plugin
SEO & Marketing Attribution
Conversion Optimisation
Campaign Optimisation
Content Optimisation
Customisation & Aggregated Data Analysis
User Behaviour Analysis
Website Performance & Security

Whether you want to analyse how your visitors engage with your forms and media content, the user flows across your site, or how your funnels work, you can do it with the plugins within the Premium Bundle.

Embrace the full potential of your digital landscape. With the Premium Bundle, you're not just collecting data; you're unlocking a treasure trove of insights that will push your strategies forward and turn every visitor interaction into an opportunity for growth.

How Premium Bundle Works

Unlock a Suite of Premium Plugins and Save 1,200€+ A Year

Elevate your analytics capabilities without breaking the bank. The Premium Bundle will bring sophisticated tools to your fingertips while saving you up to 46% – that's 1,200€+ each year in savings.

With this bundle, you can elevate your analytics capabilities at a reduced cost, giving you the financial freedom to explore new opportunities while still benefiting from premium web analytics.

Unlock a Suite of Premium Plugins and Save 1,200€+ A Year

Dig Deep Into Your Site's Performance

Discover what truly moves the needle on your site. Pinpoint which products are your cash cows, which videos captivate your audience, and how to optimise your forms for higher conversions.

Run A/B tests to lift the conversions of every user flow, funnel, and cohort without creating complex reports.

Elevate Your User Experience with Crystal-Clear Insights

Translate complex user interactions into vivid, easy-to-grasp visuals, including session recordings, heatmaps, user flows, and funnels.

Get the clarity you need to refine the user experience, whether a minor bug or a design flaw and ensure visitors stay engaged throughout their buying journey.

Elevate Your User Experience with Crystal-Clear Insights

Reveal the Full Story Behind Each Visitor

Step into your visitors' shoes and explore their past interactions with unprecedented clarity. Map the complete journey, from their first visit until the present, and find opportunities for improving your UX.

Pinpoint exactly where visitors lose interest or encounter obstacles. Leverage your insights to streamline navigation, simplify your layouts, and tailor content, transforming your site into a journey that attracts, converts, and delights visitors.

Try Premium Bundle Today

Unleash the full potential of your data with the Premium Bundle. In just a few clicks, transform Matomo into an analytics powerhouse, harnessing 18 powerful plugins at a fraction of the cost.

Start your 30-day free trial and your decisions and strategies into new realms of success.

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  • Click Heatmap

  • Session Recording Move And Click Path

  • Session Recording Player

  • AB Testing

  • Manage A B Tests

  • Funnels

  • Custom Reports

  • Users Flow

  • Users Flow Interaction Menu

  • Crawling Errors

  • Keywords on Google Search Clicks - Impressions - Clickthrough - Position in results page

  • WebVitals

  • Form Analytics By Page URL

  • Form Analytics Drop Off Fields

  • Roll-Up Reporting

  • Activity Log

  • WooCommerce Integration

  • WooCommerce Log

  • Crash Analytics Overview

  • Crash Analytics Real-time

View this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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