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  • Up to 4 users unlimited websitesFree 30-day trial, then USD179/year
  • 5 to 15 users unlimited websitesFree 30-day trial, then USD349/year
  • Unlimited users unlimited websitesFree 30-day trial, then USD519/year

The White Label plugin for Matomo offers a more streamline and less confusing experience to your clients by providing them a personalised, white labelled analytics dashboards and reports. White Label plugin will:

  • boost the visibility of your own brand,
  • strengthen the loyalty of your clients and users,
  • change the Matomo header color to your own branding,
  • remove all the Matomo branded widgets from your users dashboards,
  • remove marketplace plugin teasers for example on the administration home page,
  • remove the help page which promotes Matomo,
  • remove several mentions of Matomo across the UI,
  • whitelabel the tracking endpoints (piwik.js and piwik.php),
  • optionally remove links that point to Matomo or Piwik,
  • and give you the possibility to change the product name from "Matomo" / "Piwik" to your chosen name.

When you embed custom dashboards into your application and give your partners or customers access to their beautiful analytics reports, with this plugin you provide an even better and less confusing experience to your users.

Not only do you create a beautiful product experience for your users but you also give your company and product branding more opportunity to shine.

Ultimately with White Label you give back all of the power of Matomo Analytics to your users without the visible branding!

Works for versions of Piwik and Matomo.

Our promise

Our promise to youWe are convinced with White Label you will give your users and customers a better Matomo experience while making your brand shine more.

This is why we give you a free 30 day trial. We will remind you about the subscription seven days before the end of the trial. There are no strings attached.

So now that you know that you have nothing to lose, give White Label a try now and let us know how you go. We are always happy to help and interested in hearing your story.

Perfectly integrated and supported

We are the creators of Matomo and know it better than anyone else. This means all plugins are perfectly integrated into Matomo and come with outstanding features and quality to grow your business. We help our clients get started, configure, monitor and make the most of their Matomo analytics service. We also offer unique analytics products and services that help grow your business and meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses alike.

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