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Map the paths your users take through your website or app. Uncover friction points to create smoother interactions, improve your user experience, and increase conversions.

Ever felt that despite crafting a seemingly flawless site layout, users are still bypassing that crucial CTA? Nothing is more exasperating than realising a mismatched user path compromises your visitors' experience and conversion rates.

Walk your site in your visitors' shoes with Matomo's User Flows - a dynamic visualisation of traffic patterns. Track every step in their journey to see where they deviate or drop off. Segment your user flows to study how different audiences behave and adjust your design for their needs.

Optimise CTAs, address high-exit pages and tackle any navigational surprises with confidence. Shape your user experience, ensuring every interaction leads to higher conversions.

How User Flow Works

Visualise the Journey Your Visitors Take

Study how your visitors go through your site and unlock a deeper understanding of their behaviour.

Adjust the user flow's detail by configuring the granularity and number of steps to display. Make data-driven decisions that shape and refine your site's user journey, optimising for both engagement and conversion.

Visualise the Journey Your Visitors Take

Analyse the User Flow of Any Page, Anytime, Anywhere

Gain detailed insights into how your visitors navigate to and from any specific page on your site.

Add this visualisation to your dashboard and share this key data with your team or clients to keep them always in the loop.

Analyse the User Flow of Any Page, Anytime, Anywhere

View the Most Popular Paths

Discover which paths and interactions resonate most with your visitors with the "Top Paths" report.

Prioritise content, optimise navigation, and align your site's structure with their preferences to create a compelling user experience.

View the Most Popular Paths

Study How Your Visitors Engage with Your Site

Analyse how your visitors engage with each path. Spotlight high drop-off pages and unexpected exits to uncover new opportunities for improvement.

Whether it's a minor bug or a design flaw, get the clarity you need to refine the user experience, ensuring visitors stay interested and connected throughout their journey.

Study How Your Visitors Engage with Your Site

Try User Flow Today

Every twist, turn, and exit from your site tells a story. Take your web analytics beyond numbers and get a visual map of your visitors' journeys. Learn what captivates them and what might deter them from buying or signing up. Craft a user experience that resonates, converts, and keeps your visitors coming back for more.

Start your free 30-day trial and watch your site thrive like never before.

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The Users Flow User Guide and the Users Flow FAQ cover how to get the most out of this plugin.

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