Read and interact with Matomo API through Swagger UI.

This plugin brings OpenAPI standard to your Matomo Instance.

How to access the Swagger UI

This plugin add a page for Super Users only in Administration > Platform > Swagger

Embed the swagger (optional)

You can embed swagger in your dev tools using the iframe :

<!-- Auto resize iframe height (optional) -->
    function resizeIframe(obj) {
        setInterval(() => {
   = obj.contentWindow.document.documentElement.scrollHeight + 'px';
        }, 500);

<!-- Swagger UI (required) -->
<iframe src="/index.php?module=Swagger&action=iframe" width="100%" onload="resizeIframe(this);"></iframe>

Expose JSON OpenAPI file (optional)

The OpenAPI JSON configuration file is accessible via API using this URL :


How to install this plugin

This plugin is available in the official marketplace of Matomo. You have to install the same way as other plugins

  • Go to the administration panel
  • Look for the Marketplace section and select "Plugins" in the dropdown
  • Then search for "Swagger", install and activate the plugin.
  • Follow the documentation to install the API fetch method to get the data you want.

Is the plugin active for all Matomo users in my instance ?

No, only Super Users will have access to Swagger

How can I contribute to this plugin ?

You can help me develop this plugin by contacting me. You can also create the project and request an integration. Any way you consider legitimate to contribute is welcome.

How long this plugin will be maintained ?

As long as possible, I have many project to maintain, I'm the first user of this plugin and I use Matomo on many project, if I see errors, I'll patch this plugin faster as possible !

What does this plugin do?

It allows you to generate a OpenAPI standard documentation for Matomo API based on your configuration.

  • A Swagger logo

  • Swagger

  • Swagger Goals API

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