Plugin for the Matomo Web Analytics software package that facilitates an easy process to grant users access to site reports. A companion access provider is required, usually in the form of a website CMS plugin/module (you may need to build this if one does not exist).

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The easiest way to install is to find the plugin in the Matomo Marketplace. After activation go to General Settings and set a SharedSecret. You will then need to implement an access provider (example code available in README) which will generate a link for users to use to access Matomo.

Why are accounts not being created?

This plugin does not create user accounts. It just authorizes already existing accounts to view site tracking reports. If automatic account creation is desired I would suggest looking at the LdapLogin plugin in the Marketplace. You would need access to an Ldap directory for it to work however.

We are always seeing token expired error?

If your access provider code and Matomo are on seprate servers this could be a symptom of the clocks on either server being incorrect. Using a service such as ntpd on Linux is highly recommended. If you have full control of your server lookup how to setup ntpd for your distribution. If you are using a hosting service and your system time is incorrect contact your hosting company to find out how to use the Network Time Protocol with your server. Timezone settings should not be a factor as we are using a UNIX TIMESTAMP for calculation.

I built an access provider for xxxx CMS. Would you like to be informed?

Please let me know by reporting as an issue. Maintaining a directory can be a demanding job so I do not have plans to maintain an access provider directory at this time. If you create an access provider as a companion to this plugin please reference this plugin in your plugin/module documentation.

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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