View log messages that were logged by Matomo via the Matomo UI or HTTP Reporting API.

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I want to see more than 100 log messages, is it possible?

Yes, there is a limit URL parameter that you can change to any number.

Can I use regular expressions in the search field?

Yes, you can enable regular expressions next to the search field.

Is the search field case insensitive?


How is a Matomo (Piwik) log line formatted by default?

'$severity $tag[$datetime] [$requestId] $message eg WARNING Matomo\Common[2015-01-01 01:02:03] [cf27] The log message

Is the search pattern applied to the whole log line?

Yes, this means a search for WARNING Matomo\Common would deliver you all warnings triggered by Piwik\Common.

How do I find all messages that belong to a certain request?

Each log message shows a "Request Id". By clicking on this Id it selects all log messages of the same request. Alternatively you can search for the expression \[1234\] where 1234 need to be replaced by a Request Id.

How do I find messages that belong to the same day?

Either click on a date field or search for it, eg 2012-12-12.

What are the known issues?

  • If there are messages being logged while viewing the log messages, the paging might not work 100% correctly.
  • There seems to be a problem when searching for a single quotation mark "'".
  • LogViewer

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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