With KPI Widgets plugin, you'll be able to display the most important KPI on your Matomo dashboard the easyeast way !

Thank you for installing !

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

This plugin use the Matomo internal API to work, no additional code needed.

If you want to contribute, please download the folder and continue in this direction using small and maintainable components and PHP Class.

Consider this is my first Matomo plugin, be compliant and please tell me how to make it better if you see any errors.

Available Widgets

  • Actions per visits
  • Average time generation
  • Average time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Conversions
  • Downloads
  • Keywords
  • Max Actions
  • Outlinks
  • Page views
  • Returning users
  • Returning visitors
  • Revenue
  • Searches
  • Unique downloads
  • Unique outlinks
  • Unique page views
  • Unique returning visitors
  • Unique visitors
  • Unique users
  • Unique visits

Want more ? Ask me !

How to install this plugin

This plugin is available in the official marketplace of Matomo. You have to install the same way as other plugins - Go to the administration panel - Look for the Marketplace section and select "Plugins" in the dropdown - Then search for 'KPI Widgets' and install it. - Activate the plugin and you're done !

Is the plugin active for all Matomo users in my instance ?

Yes, if you choose this plugin for your Matomo instance, all users will be able to use it.

How can I contribute to this plugin ?

You can help me developping this plugin by contacting me. You can also fork the project and ask for an integration. All way you consider as legit to contribute are welcome.

How long this plugin will be maintained ?

As long as possible, I have many project to maintain, I'm the first user of this plugin and I use Matomo on many project, if I see errors, I'll patch this plugin faster as possible !

  • Add a widget to dashboard

  • Page views widget

  • Visits widget

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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