This plugin allows the Matomo users to dynamically exclude their IP address using DDNS update.


Matomo 4.0.0 or higher is required.


  • Exclude one IP for each Matomo user
  • Exclude and IP using an already updated hostname

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Which update method should I use, DDNS Update or DDNS Hostname?

If available, DDNS Update is recommended. This method is a bit more complicated to set up, but it leads to immediately updated IP's, as the client will trigger the update whenever a new IP is assigned. But it may not be viable for all users, eg. * Not all DDNS clients allow custom update-URL's. * The client may be already serving another server and have no ability to talk to multiple servers at the same time.

So, the DDNS Hostname can be an alternative. Use a DDNS service that is compatible with your client and enter the hostname from there to have the plugin resolve your dynamic IP. The downside: Updating happens via a scheduled task every hour, so there might be small windows with the new IP still being tracked, but not the old one.

What data do I need to set for DDNS Update

You need to set a custom URL to be triggered for an update. Your personal update-URL is shown in your Matomo installation (user-menu > Personal > DDNS Settings).

The URL has the following scheme:

  • {s} Use HTTPS if available.
  • {matomo.url}: The URL to your Matomo installation.
  • {token_auth}: A token auth (user-menu > Personal > Security).

There is no need to set user, password or domain name.

  • settings

  • superuser status

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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