5.0.9 - Added cover image for marketplace

5.0.8 - Started hiding icon to change visualisation - Fixed background color of gradient to start from #3450A3

5.0.7 - Improving the algorithm that converts time strings back to numeric values for comparison

5.0.6 - Fixed hover for first columns to show required info

5.0.5 - Updated README.md - Adjustments to the color gradient logic

5.0.4 - Archiving: Ensure parameter is provided in correct type

5.0.3 - Minor UI fixes

5.0.2 - Fix issue with evolution graph not always loading correctly

5.0.1 - Compatibility with Matomo 5.0.0-b4

5.0.0 - Compatibility with Matomo 5

4.0.8 - Fix issue with Matomo 4.14

4.0.7 - Added semantics type for metrics - Widening narrow select

4.0.6 - Added translation using Weblate (Bulgarian)

4.0.5 - Fixes to handle notices

4.0.4 - Fixed userID not getting archived for non day report - Fixed encoding issue for graph labels

4.0.3 - Add category help text

4.0.2 - Fix archiving error

4.0.1 - Rearchive reports on activation

4.0.0 - Compatibility with Matomo 4

3.0.11 - Fix SQL error when fetching one day as a range

3.0.10 - Add segment even if no idSite is specified, but idSites (witth the ending "s") is specified so API.getSegmentsMetadata will show the segment.

3.0.9 - Fix archiving issue where archiving ranges caused broken SQL. (Archiving ranges for Cohorts should only trigger day archiving, nothing else.)

3.0.8 - Add code to disable comparison in anticipation of 3.12. - Fix for showing nb_users along w/ nb_uniq_visitors when enabled. - Changes to README.

3.0.7 - Move Cohorts menu item to Visitors menu. - Fix bug in naming of ecommerce goal metrics.

3.0.6 - Fix bug if no data in evolution graph, no rows are selectable. - Fix bug that doubled selectable rows each time a new row was selected in evolution graph. - Fix bug in detection of date for cohort tooltip.

3.0.5 - Fix warning when computing cell background and cell tooltip.

3.0.4 - Fix unique visitors calculation for year periods.

3.0.3 - Disable report metadata since scheduled reports/mobile app cannot handle cohort reports yet.

3.0.2 - Bug fix affecting controller actions that do not require an idSite parameter. - Bug fix affecting cohorts INI config if already present when installing plugin.

3.0.1 - Bug fix for cohort table translations. - Bug fix for viewing cohorts w/ range periods.

3.0.0 - Initial public release

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