2015-03-24 - Updated all language files to ensure they are UTF-8 encoded and updated German text (Thanks to rauolive @ https://github.com/rauolive)

2015-03-12 - Updated because I left out the call to Piwik::hasUserSuperUserAccess(). Also added translations because why not. If they are not accurate, please let me know what I should use as these came straight from google translate.

2015-03-12 - Updated to work with the latest menu calls. Thanks to mnapoli for pointing out the issue


2014-04-29 - Thanks to Thomas-Piwik at (http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?9,114223,114638#msg-114638), we now have a nice message that let's us know that the cache has been cleared. Also, per that same thread, updated the delete code to use Filesystem::unlinkRecursive instead of native delete commands.

2014-04-19 - Updated to work with 2.2.0. Removed the custom directory separator code and switch to use the PHP constant.

2014-02-21 - Update some more code, added in notification area but it's not quite working yet (TODO - make it work)

2014-02-21 - Rebranded to cacheBuster and set version to 1.0, updated code to use a better check for directory seperator

2014-02-20 - v2.0 - Updated plugin to work with Piwik 2.0.3


Inital creation of plugin at http://www.spherexx.com under the name ClearCache


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