Plugin allows to turn Matomo (Piwik) instance into URL Shortener.

Basic features:

  • easily create shortcode from any page you track in Matomo (integration with Actions report UI),
  • create shortcode for any custom URL you want,
  • perform redirects using your Matomo instance,
  • get usage statistics for shortcodes handled by your instance
    • get best performing URL's on websites you track,
    • external URLs redirect statistics,
  • see which URLs are being shortened and visited most often - also for external URLs not tracked in your Matomo.

Goodness coming:

  • for redirect performance improvement, store your shortcodes in storage like Memcache or Redis,
  • attributing shortcode redirects with actual visits on your page,
  • more advanced reports,

Before using, please read content in Setup section as it contains steps required to make plugin work with your Matomo instance!

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  • screenshot2

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Download for Matomo On-Premise This plugin is not available for Matomo for WordPress

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