This Piwik Plugin lets you hide custom date range selection from calendar for regular users, also lets you avoid users setting ranges as default value in their profile.

Each time users asks for ranged date reports, Matomo (Piwik) builds it on the fly during user's browsing. This slows down your server when there is a load of visits and a large number of tracked websites. As you can see this action is resource intensive so when it happens, live websites tracking may become slow or inaccurate.

Installing this plugin you remove choices in the field "Report date to load by default" in User Settings page for all regular users. Superadmin users setting page remains untouched and administrators will see only a notification about plugin's current behavior.

Another plugin's feature is regular users can't select any more a custom range in the calendar but Superadmins still can build reports.

You can enable or disable the two features independently by clicking checkboxes in the plugin's configuration page available in the super admin user interface.

This plugin is translated in: English, Italian and French (just send a pull request to include your favourite language, see Can I contribute f.a.q.)

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  • RerUserDates-cal

  • RerUserDates-settings

  • RerUserDates

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View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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