Replaces the rainbow of colourful folder icons in Matomo (Piwik)'s "Visitors in Real-time" widget with colourful folder icons that match user-defined url patterns.

Considered in early beta - not stable, but it hasn't broken anything yet.

If you decide to use it, here's some things you need to know:

  • The plugin needs to be installed to /plugins/PageColours (if you download as a zip from GitHub it will download as PageColours-master)
  • You can add additional icons to /plugins/PageColours/assets/icons
  • The custom page colours setting should be a JSON encoded string of the following format:
    "string to match": [ "match type", "colour" ],
    "second string": [ "match type", "colour" ]

So, to colour all blog pages green and all docs pages red...

    "/blog/": [ "*", "green.png" ],
    "/docs/": [ "*", "red.png" ]

The match types are explained on the plugin settings page.

This syntax is subject to change - yet another reason why you probably shouldn't use this.

Should I Use This? Probably not, or at least, not yet.

It's very experimental, very clobbered together, and probably full of bugs. It doesn't sanitise input, writes directly to the filesystem, and probably has a bunch of security holes.

Eventually, this should evolve to the point where it is stable and easy to use, but right now you use it at your own risk. It shouldn't break anything, but I can't guarantee that.

Download for Matomo On-Premise This plugin is not available for Matomo for WordPress

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