Configurable piwik plugin to view a visitor thumbnail and description live from LDAP.

This plugin requires to work!

Why is PIWIK 2.5 required?

Because the configuration (to be explicit accountFilterFormat) is destroyed in the previous version See the ticket here:

What does this plugin do?

It displays live a thumbnail and a description in the visitor detail page from LDAP

How to tell Matomo (Piwik) which user is currently using your website?

You need so track a custom user (username, mail, ...) visitor variable, so this plugin know which user shall be fetched from LDAP. Please see the official documentation: or

Example: _paq.push(["setCustomVariable", 1, "username", "<?php echo $usenamer; ?>", "visit"]);

NEW: Use the userId from Matomo itself

Now you can use the piwik UserId: Just change the plugin settings to use the piwik UserId instead of a custom variable!

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