This plugin is meant to be installed on Matomo. It provides you with the name of the company which holds the IP that visited your website.

You can also use to get a more reliable result if you have an account. You will just have to set your access token in the General Parameters of Matomo.

This plugin has first been developed for the needs of the company I've been working for, Wipsim

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How to install this plugin?

Install it via Matomo Marketplace.

How reliable is this data?

The collected company names are based on the PHP function gethostbyaddr. This function returns the name of the company provided by the proxy used by the user.

Most of the big companies have their own proxy set up with a real name configured. But SMBs may not and in this case, you could see the name of their ISP appear.

Therefore, this information is not 100% reliable but this is still an interesting information to check from time to time.

If you have an access token set up for, this plugin will use this data in the first place, before falling back to gethostbyaddr;

Where to find the report once the plugin is activated?

Once you've activated your plugin, you'll see in the Visitors tab of each website a new Companies subcategory. This is were your new report lies.

You can also add this report as a widget to your dashboards.

Which Matomo versions are compatible with this plugin?

Your Matomo version should be between 3.11.0 and below 4.0.0.

  • full-view-of-the-report

  • list-of-ips-and-their-associated-company

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