5.1.5 - Added cover image for marketplace

5.1.4 - Fixes captureInitialDom not working for single heatmap

5.1.3 - Added code to disable matomo.js file writable check code for Matomo Cloud

5.1.2 - Added code to alert if matomo.js is not writable

5.1.1 - Fixed applying segment returns error for SessionRecording

5.1.0 - Added an option to capture Heatmap DOM on demand

5.0.10 - Added total actions column in Session Recording listing page

5.0.9 - Added code to keep playing on resize event - Added code to update Translation keys via event

5.0.8 - Changes for README.md - Fixed an error that occurs when viewing posts that have heatmaps associated in WordPress.

5.0.7 - Fixed issue where form fields that were supposed to be unmasked weren't - Added code to pause/resume heatmap for Matomo Cloud

5.0.6 - Fixed input[type="button"] background being ignored - Added code to display AdBlocker banner when detected

5.0.5 - Fixed regression where good configs were disabled

5.0.4 - Fixed location provider not loading for cloud customers

5.0.3 - Fixed error when location provider is null

5.0.2 - Added option to fire heatmap/session recording only for certain geographies

5.0.1 - Compatibility with Matomo 5.0.0-b4

5.0.0 - Compatibility with Matomo 5

4.5.10 - Started skipping deletion of heatmap and session recordings for proxysite

4.5.9 - Started hiding period selector when viewing heatmaps

4.5.8 - Fixed scroll data not displaying correctly due to sort missing

4.5.7 - Fixed deprecation warnings for PHP 8.1

4.5.6 - Changed time_on_page column to BIGINT for new installation for log_hsr and log_hsr_event table

4.5.5 - Fixed session recording not masking image with data-matomo-mask attribute set on parent node

4.5.4 - Fixed unmasking issue for text-node elements - Fixed recording to not end on tabs switch

4.5.3 - Added support to pass media attribute if present for external stylesheets

4.5.2 - Made regex to work consistently, #PG-373 - Added examples of possible xss from portswigger.net

4.5.1 - Fixed mutation id bug to load css from DB

4.5.0 - Starting migrating AngularJS to Vue. - Migrated view code to VueJs - Updated code to respect max execution time during Archiving

4.4.3 - Added code to remove attributes with possible XSS values

4.4.2 - Added support for lazy loaded images

4.4.1 - Fixed masking issue for dynamically added DOM elements

4.4.0 - Added option to disable heatmap independently - Stopped showing visitor profile icon in session recording when visitor profile is disabled

4.3.1 - Fixed recorded session link not working for segmented logs in visit action

4.3.0 - Started storing CSS content in DB - Fixed range error when range is disabled

4.2.1 - Fixed double encoded segments

4.2.0 - Fixed heatmap not triggering when tracker configured directly. - Added masking for images with height and width - Added masking for [input type="image"] - Fixed non-masking bug for child elements with data-matomo-unmask

4.1.2 - Fix to record inputs with data-matomo-unmask

4.1.1 - Removed masking for input type button, submit and reset

4.1.0 - Added option to disable session recording independently

4.0.14 - Support Matomo's new content security policy header

4.0.13 - Fix sharing a session might not work anymore with latest Matomo version

4.0.12 - Ensure configs.php is loaded correctly with multiple trackers - Translation updates

4.0.11 - Improve handling of attribute changes - Add translations for Czech, Dutch & Portuguese

4.0.10 - Further improvements for loading for iframes

4.0.9 - Improve loading for iframes

4.0.8 - Improve tracking react pages

4.0.7 - Add category help texts - Increase possible sample limit - jQuery 3 compatibility for WP

4.0.6 - Performance improvements

4.0.4 - Compatibility with Matomo 4.X

4.0.3 - Compatibility with Matomo 4.X

4.0.2 - Compatibility with Matomo 4.X

4.0.1 - Handle base URLs better

4.0.0 - Compatibility with Matomo 4.X

3.2.39 - Better handling for base URL

3.2.38 - Improve SPA tracking

3.2.37 - Improve sorting of server time

3.2.36 - Fix number of recorded pages may be wrong when a segment is applied

3.2.35 - Improve widgetize feature when embedded as iframe

3.2.34 - Further improvements for WordPress

3.2.33 - Improve compatibilty with WordPress

3.2.32 - Improve checking for number of previously recorded sessions

3.2.31 - Matomo for WordPress support

3.2.30 - Send less tracking requests by queueing more requests together

3.2.29 - Use DB reader in Aggregator for better compatibility with Matomo 3.12

3.2.28 - Improvements for Matomo 3.12 to support faster segment archiving - Better support for single page applications

3.2.27 - Show search box for entities - Support usage of a reader DB when configured

3.2.26 - Tracker improvements

3.2.25 - Tracker improvements

3.2.24 - Generate correct session recording link when a visitor matches multiple recordings in the visitor log

3.2.23 - Internal tracker performance improvements

3.2.22 - Add more translations - Tracker improvements - Internal changes

3.2.21 - title-text of JavaScript Tracking option help box shows HTML - Add primary key to log_event table for new installs (existing users should receive the update with Matomo 4)

3.2.20 - Fix tracker may under circumstances not enable tracking after disabling it manually

3.2.19 - Add possibility to delete an already taken heatmap screenshot so it can be re-taken

3.2.18 - Performance improvements for high traffic websites

3.2.17 - Add possibility to define alternative CSS file through data-matomo-href - Added new API method HeatmapSessionRecording.deleteHeatmapScreenshot to delete an already taken heatmap screenshot - Add possibility to delete an already taken heatmap screenshot so it can be re-taken

3.2.16 - Add useDateUrl=0 to default Heatmap export URL so it can be used easier

3.2.15 - Support a URL parameter &useDateUrl=1 in exported heatmaps to fetch heatmaps only for a specific date range

3.2.14 - Improve compatibility with tag manager - Fix possible notice when matching url array parameters - Add command to remove a stored heatmap

3.2.13 - Fix some coordinate cannot be calculated for SVG elements - Added more languages - Use new brand colors - If time on page is too high, abort the tracking request

3.2.12 - Update tracker file

3.2.11 - Add possibility to mask images

3.2.10 - Make sure to replay scrolling in element correctly

3.2.9 - Change min height of heatmaps to 400 pixels.

3.2.8 - When widgetizing the session player it bursts out of the iframe - Log more debug information in tracker - Use API calls instead of model

3.2.7 - Support new "Write" role

3.2.6 - Improve compatibility with styled-components and similar projects - Add possibility to not record mouse and touch movements.

3.2.5 - Compatibility with SiteUrlTrackingID plugin - Ensure selectors are generated correctly

3.2.4 - Allow users to pass sample limit of zero for unlimited recordings - Show which page view within a session is currently being replayed

3.2.3 - In configs.php return a 403 if Matomo is not installed yet

3.2.2 - Validate an entered regular expression when configuring a heatmap or session recording - Improve heatmap rendering of sharepoint sites

3.2.1 - Improve the rendering of heatmaps and session recordings

3.2.0 - Optimize tracker cache file - Prevent recording injected CSS resources that only work on a visitors' computer such as Kaspersky Antivirus CSS. - For better GDPR compliance disable capture keystroke in sessions by default. - Added logic to support Matomo GDPR features - Only specifically whitelisted form fields can now be recorded in plain text - Some form fields that could potentially include personal information such as an address will be always masked and anonymized - Trim any whitespace when configuring target pages

3.1.9 - Support new attribute data-matomo-mask which works similar to data-piwik-mask but additionally allows to mask content of elements.

3.1.8 - Support new CSS rendering classes matomoHsr, matomoHeatmap and matomoSessionRecording - For input text fields prefer a set value on the element directly - Differentiate between scrolling of the window and scrolling within an element (part of the window) - Replay in the recorded session when a user is scrolling within an element

3.1.7 - Make sure validating URL works correctly with HTML entities - Prevent possible fatal error when opening manage screen for all websites

3.1.6 - Renamed Piwik to Matomo

3.1.5 - Fix requested stylesheet URLs were requested lowercase when using a relative base href in the recorded page - Show more accurate time on page and record pageviews for a longer period in case a user is not active right away.

3.1.4 - Prevent target rules in heatmap or session recording to visually disappear under circumstances when not using the cancel or back button. - Respect URL prefix (eg www.) when replaying a session recording, may fix some displaying issues if website does not work without www. - Improved look of widgetized session recording

3.1.3 - Make Heatmap & Session Recording compatible with canvas and webgl libraries like threejs and earcut - Better detected of the embedded heatmap height - Fix scroll heatmap did not paint the last scroll section correctly - It is now possible to configure the sample limits in the config via [HeatmapSessionRecording] session_recording_sample_limits = 50,100,...

3.1.2 - Added URL to view heatmap and to replay a session recording to the API response - Fix widgetized URL for heatmaps and sessions redirected to another page when authenticated via token_auth

3.1.1 - Better error code when a site does not exist - Fix configs.php may fail if plugins directory is a symlink - Available sessions are now also displayed in the visitor profile

3.1.0 - Added autoplay feature for page views within a visit - Added possibility to change replay speed - Added possibility to skip long pauses in a session recording automatically - Better base URL detection in case a relative base URL is used

3.0.15 - Fix only max 100 heatmaps or session recordings were shown when managing them for a specific site. - Mask closing body in embedded page so it won't be replaced by some server logic

3.0.14 - Make sure to find all matches for a root folder when "equals simple" is used

3.0.13 - Fix a custom set based URL was ignored.

3.0.12 - Fix session recording stops when a user changes a file form field because form value is not allowed to be changed.

3.0.11 - Improve the performance of a DB query of a daily task when cleaning up blob entries.

3.0.10 - Improve the performance of a DB query of a daily task - Respect the new config setting enable_internet_features in the system check

3.0.9 - Make sure page rules work fine when using HTML entities

3.0.8 - Fix possible notice when tracking - Avoid some logs in chrome when viewing a heatmaps or session recordings - Always prefer same protocol when replaying sessions as currently used

3.0.7 - When using an "equals exactly" comparison, ignore a trailing slash when there is no path set - Let users customize if the tracking code should be included only when active records are configured

3.0.6 - Fix link to replay session in visitor log may not work under circumstances

3.0.5 - More detailed "no data message" when nothing has been recorded yet - Fix select fields were not recorded

3.0.4 - Only add tracker code when heatmap or sessions are actually active in any site - Added index on site_hsr table - Add custom stylesheets for custom styling

3.0.3 - Add system check for configs.php - On install, if .htaccess was not created, create the file manually

3.0.2 - Enrich system summary widget - Show an arrow instead of a dash between entry and exit url - Added some German translations

3.0.1 - Updated translations

3.0.0 - Heatmap & Session Recording for Piwik 3

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