Migrate AngularJS code to Vue.


Mention about the new idSite creation in the notification.


Use correct instanceId in a multi account set up.


Changes: * Upgraded google-apiclient library to v2.11 to make it compatible with PHP8.1.


Changes: * Added changes to make it compatible with php8.


Changes: * Report all types of error messages to end user for easier issue diagnosis.


Changes: * Compatibility with Matomo 4.3.0.


Changes: * Do not use log data purge check when invalidating week periods after a day is imported.


Changes: * Catch cancelled import exceptions and do not propagate in import reports command * trim property/view/account ID when starting an import to avoid errors on typos


Bug fixes: * Order import statuses by site ID as integer value instead of as text value.

Other changes: * Bump phpseclib/phpseclib from 2.0.29 to 2.0.31


Bug Fixes: * Fix check for whether we should avoid tagmanager container creation.

Changes: * Add some more logging for exceptions caught in the controller.


Bug Fixes: * Check referrer URL comes from google when checking oauth nonce. * Disable tagmanager container creation while creating new site to import into. * Only show admin menu item for superusers.


New Features: * Allow logging to a single file via DI config setting 'GoogleAnalyticsImporter.logToSingleFile'.

Changes: * Remove extraneous google services from vendor via composer.


Changes: * Do not use nohup on windows and allow users to disable nohup via DI config.


Compatibility with Matomo 4


Bug Fixes: * Fix issue showing broken URLs when importing page URLs with hash values in them. Affected users will have to re-import affected days.


Changes: * Report error without failing command when client is misconfigured in import-reports. * Fail w/o thrown exception if lock is already acquired.

Bug Fixes: * Fix issue where days could not be re-archived for imported sites due to lack of timestamp information present in dates.


Changes: * Abort on all errors and report when it is due to a insufficient privileges exception. * Ignore unknown metric exceptions. * Better debug exception messages when errors occur during controller actions.

Bug Fixes: * Handle GA API active custom dimension value of empty string properly. * Handle invalid max end date configuration. * Check for custom dimension slots before importing & allow ignoring extra custom dimensions


Changes: * Fix referrers table subtable in imported reports so link is correct (only affects newly imported reports). * Show last GA error if there was one when cannot reach GA API fails repeatedly. * Use exponential backoff for when GA API backend fails. * Fix forum link in error message.


Changes: * Fixing typo in previous rate limit change.


Changes: * Do not throw if the rate limit is reached just log a message. * Added safety measure in case of broken internal import status. * Default value missing for $maxEndDateDesc (fixes warning). * Add link to the user guide to GA API config forms.


Changes: * Allow lock ttl to be configured and use reexpire lock which waits to expire. * Allow forced max end date to be specified through config. * Set a fixed end date for Matomo for WordPress.

Bug Fixes: * Undo forced input sanitization for client config. * Fix reimport not respecting last_day_imported. * Reduce amount of memory used.


Changes: * Fix bug in referrers import triggered by not set values in referral path in GA. Imports experiencing the "label column not found" error are failing due to this bug. Re-importing with version 1.4.1 will avoid the issue.


Changes: * Update google API client for PHP 7.4 support.


Changes: * Use quotaUser to support multi-instance setups.


Bug fixes: * Fix bug in ongoing import that could result in incomplete metrics being imported. Bug is more visible since changes in 1.3.0.


Changes: * Allow re-importing ranges to work when a job is finished or has no more to import. * Merge Time Started/Time Finished columns to provide more space in the UI.

Bug fix: * Do not show resume button if status is 'started'.


Features: * Improved support for shared hosting users with hosts that may kill long running processes. The import job is not attempted every hour if a system kills a job, it will restart promptly. * Detect killed jobs and report to the user so they are not left in suspense. * Allow re-importing ranges in the past. * Add a protection for users of Matomo 3.13.2 that will disallow re-archiving of imported days (this can wipe the data that was imported).


Bug fixes: * Fixing typo. * Small style tweak.


Bug fixes: * Handle old statuses without new property.


Features: * Resume button to make it clearer that on an errored import the import doesn't have to be cancelled and restarted. * Add feature to change import end date dynamically so users don't have to restart if they enter the wrong end date (or don't enter one). * Support new VisitFrequency metrics in core if available.

Bug fixes: * Tweaks to messages for clarity. * Goals record importer was not applying new/returning segments. * GA does not trim page titles, so ignore on error and hope users report issues.


Bug fixes: * Fix variable not defined error. * Make sure version is compatible w/ older versions of Matomo.


Bug fixes: * Compatibility with Matomo for wordpress. * Do not fail if an unmappable goal is found (in case user creates their own goal or edits a goal).


Features: * Add new diagnostics to check for required functions and executables. * Add troubleshooting option to enable debug logging so users can provide useful info in a bug report. * Allow importing GA dimensions not natively supported in Matomo by creating new custom dimensions. * Support importing mobile app properties (including screen views metrics as pageviews and screen reports as page title reports).

Bug fixes: * Remove extra params when redirecting from processAuthCode action. * Change include paths to better support wordpress installs. * Do not try to import ecommerce items report if property does not support ecommerce. * Ordering in GA API requests was not applied. * Entry/exit page titles should not import unique visitors since we can't get that information reliably. * URLs that end in the action default name cause a conflict w/ directory paths. This is not an issue anymore. * Better process strange referrer URLs from GA. * Allow specifying timezone manually in case GA timezone is not a valid PHP timezone.









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