This plugin adds support for MaxMind GeoIP2 database.

Currently supported databases:

  • GeoIP2-City.mmdb
  • GeoLite2-City.mmdb
  • GeoIP2-Country.mmdb
  • GeoLite2-Country.mmdb


will this geoip2-plugin will work flawlessly within piwik (which has already geoip1 integrated)?

It was working as core (mentioned erlier PR ) and it's currently working without problems on my company instance using current 3.x-dev branch

will there be any conflicts between both?

None observed, it shows as another Location Provider

how do I know which data piwik uses really?

Check your settings - currently used location provider is marked

ffef2c50-8567-11e6-8340-01068950f5df.png (on screen there are unknown values because site was accessed from intranet IP address)

You can also reattribute older data using console command:

./console usercountry:attribute

do geoip2 plugin benefit from piwiks autofetch/-update for geoip1 databases?

At this time - no, but it is planned as soon as i get access to Maxmind account so i can test it.

  • screen 01

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