4.4.6 - Fixed update script for v4.3.0

4.4.5 - Fixed regression where form field reports aren't showing all columns

4.4.4 - Fixed count error due to fields being int instead of array

4.4.3 - Fixed case-sensitive search in manage list

4.4.2 - Changes to prevent deletion of referenced action records

4.4.1 - Fix incompatibility with Matomo 4.14.0

4.4.0 - Added code to track form submission as conversion

4.3.0 - Added option to treat form submission as form conversion

4.2.4 - Fixed conversions count not displaying correct count in visitor log screen

4.2.3 - Improved performance of live query - Updated logic for setting formConversions after query call

4.2.2 - Started setting default values as 0 for all visitIds to ensure no double queries, #L3-332 - Check if array key is defined

4.2.1 - Added option to create new form name with previously deleted forms - Added code to limit no of form submission requests. - Added code to limit no of form fields in a request.

4.2.0 - Started limiting no of form tracking requests allowed in a single view

4.1.0 - Migrate AngularJS code to Vue. - Updated code to respect max execution time during Archiving

4.0.10 - Fix to make visitor details query faster and memory efficient

4.0.9 - Fix to make visitor details query faster

4.0.8 - Fix row evolution doesn't work for form page url reports.

4.0.7 - Make sure form can be edited when there are many renamed fields.

4.0.6 - Ensure we only show interactions for forms that were not deleted in visitor log & profile

4.0.5 - Improve archiving for roll up reporting

4.0.4 - Performance improvements for Visits Log

4.0.3 - Improve compatibility with tag manager

4.0.2 - Compatibility with PHP 8

4.0.1 - Compatibility with Matomo 4

4.0.0 - Compatibility with Matomo 4

3.1.28 - Performance improvements by forcing mysql to use a specifc index on few queries

3.1.27 - Archiving improvements

3.1.26 - More efficient tracking

3.1.25 - Fix changing the graph in row evolution fails with an error

3.1.24 - Let users configure auto form creation up to 150 forms

3.1.23 - Remove form log entries for deleted forms monthly

3.1.22 - Improvements for Matomo 3.12 to support faster segment archiving

3.1.21 - Show search box for entities - Support usage of a DB reader when configured

3.1.20 - Fix SQL error in segment if a table prefix is specified

3.1.19 - Prevent memory issues in archiver by limiting the number of rows to 500

3.1.18 - Internal tracker performance improvements

3.1.17 - Improve isBlank detection for radio and check box fields. - Add new language - Remove live reports from scheduled reports

3.1.16 - Improve update script that adds primary key.

3.1.15 - Add primary key to funnel log table for better replication

3.1.14 - Limit form fields to 2500 fields per form - title-text of JavaScript Tracking option help box shows HTML - Fix row evolution for form field reports was broken - Don't show archived or deleted forms in the live reports

3.1.13 - Queue tracking requests when possible for better performance - Improve compatibility with Matomo 3.9 (visitor log) - Limit some field values to ensure they will be recorded

3.1.12 - Improve compatibility with Queued Tracking

3.1.11 - Improve compatibility with Tag Manager

3.1.9 - Support more translations - Use new brand colors - Do not fail track request if time to submit is too large

3.1.8 - Improve drop off field calculation if form was converted but not submitted

3.1.7 - Prevent a browser from becoming unresponsive when a form has too many fields - Make sure form fields are encoded correctly when processing a tracking request

3.1.6 - Support new "Write" role

3.1.5 - Ignore tracking requests that don't match any form to avoid for example visits with no actions around midnight in edge cases

3.1.4 - Increase size of database table column "fields" to mediumtext

3.1.3 - Validate any entered regular expression when configuring a form

3.1.2 - Added logic to support for more Matomo GDPR features.

3.1.1 - Added logic to support Matomo GDPR features. - Link form name to reports in visitor log & profile

3.1.0 - Improve how form and form field interactions are shown in the visitor log - Improved API response for form interactions in the Live API methods - Support matomo keyword in attributes and properties when customizing the tracking

3.0.15 - Prevent possible fatal error when opening manage screen for all websites - Keep a visitors session (visit) alive every couple of minutes - Better error message when renaming a form but the name of the form is already in use

3.0.14 - Renamed Piwik to Matomo

3.0.13 - Fix possible bug in visitor profile where a wrong value may be assigned.

3.0.12 - Fix possible bug in visitor log when there are no visitors

3.0.11 - Improve memory usage and performance of performance of visitor log and visitor profile integration

3.0.10 - Improve performance of visitor log and visitor profile - Format sparkline metrics - Fix a bug when viewing visitor log as user with view access only

3.0.9 - Show form interactions in visitor log and visitor profile

3.0.8 - Fix max 100 forms per page where loaded when managing forms for a site - Added support for Custom Reports plugin - Send several form views along a page view instead of only one to reduce server load

3.0.7 - Fix a form conversion may under circumstances not be tracked if a form is interacted with without any break or when it only includes a submit button.

3.0.6 - Make sure to count a new form start after a form submission - Prevent some edge case racing conditions when a form submit and conversion is tracked directly after another

3.0.5 - Make sure form rules work fine when using HTML entities

3.0.4 - Add support for TinyMCE - Add support for select2

3.0.3 - Enrich system summary widget with the number of forms - Fix all columns view in Live widget did not show label

3.0.2 - Fix a tracking bug on IE9 and older

3.0.1 - Show Manage Forms in reporting menu

3.0.0 - Initial version

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