Get an easy access to your Matomo endpoint and start collecting data.

When one need to introduce the Matomo HTTP tracking API, it's always a mess to find the Matomo endpoint. This plugin allows you to access it in one click and give you quickly an overview of how the data are collected within Matomo.

Only the super user can access it.

This plugin has been developped by a non developer so far from being perfect.


Which problem does this plugin solve?

When you need to introduce the concept of the Matomo HTTP Tracking API, you need to find your Matomo endpoint (the url of your tracker). There are several ways to do so, but I found them too long (copying/pasting the image tracking code and then stripping out unecessary caracters), so that's why I created this plugin.

Are there any evolutions planned?

The general idea is to make the concept of the Matomo HTTP Tracking API easier to understand, so I will probably add some data collection method in order for users to easily identify how to push data to Matomo and see how the data looks like within the Matomo UI.

How is the plugin maintained?

As I am living my profesionnal career thanks to the Matomo software, I am maintaining this plugin all the time, though as I don't have a developer background I am not 100% sure I can fix bugs very fast.

  • Endpoint plugin backend

  • Where to find the Endpoint plugin

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