This plugin allows management of custom dimensions configuration using Matomo's console. No web interface is provided.

Available Functions

Currently the following functionality is provided:

  • Synchronization of custom dimensions configuration between sites.
  • Deletion of custom dimensions configuration of a single site.

CustomDimensionsManager provides some administrative commands that can be used to manage custom dimensions configuration of multiple sites. The commands are executed using Matomo's console.

The 'synchronize' Command

This is the main function with the purpose of synchronizing custom dimensions configurations of sites.

The command customdimensionsmanager:synchronize allows you to copy configuration of custom dimensions from a specific site to another in a Matomo installation. The source site could be considered a template for other sites.

You can also use * as the target site to copy configuration of the source site to all other sites. This makes it possible to e.g. run the process regularly as a cron task.

The --dry-run option can be used to test what the command would do without actually making any changes.

The 'delete' Command

The command customdimensionsmanager:delete allows you to delete all custom dimensions configuration of a single site.

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