2.0.15 * Increase version number(wrong tagging).

2.0.14 * Fix code style. * Code clean up.

2.0.13 * Remove initial value checks for visits. * Fix extra space in counter code. * Fix missing columns in UPDATE query on save() * New option to format numbers into human readable format.

2.0.12 * Fixed error with access rights.

2.0.11 * User can now add initial values to numbers of visits/views. * New template support Piwik 2.14. Non B/C.

2.0.10 * Fix for https://github.com/Globulopolis/Counter/issues/7 * Add "require" into plugin.json because new menu required at least Piwik 2.4.0 * Fixed icon in "Check for updates" modal.

2.0.9 * Fix for https://github.com/Globulopolis/Counter/issues/5

2.0.8 * Fix for https://github.com/Globulopolis/Counter/issues/4#issuecomment-59620132

2.0.7 * Add 'yesterday' option for "Start date - period".

2.0.6 * Fixed an error when user select image with type different from png or gif. Now plugin support jpg image type. * Update colorpicker to latest.

2.0.5 * Fixed a bug w/ undefined variable 'userMenu' in '@CoreHome/_topBarTopMenu.twig' on new Piwik 2.4.0

2.0.4 * Added custom offsets for visits/views/countries for 'visitors by countries' template.

2.0.3 * Added custom template for 'visitors by countries'. NB! 'Live visitors counter' works only if custom template field for 'Visitors by countries' is empty. * Fixed an error w/ undefined method Access::isSuperUser * Fix for double slash in ajax url * Added workaround for getallheaders() method if PHP running as CGI. * Remove PIWIK_ENABLE_DISPATCH due to triggering an error while generating counter image.

2.0.2 * Fixed a bug where the URL with the image displayed via http, if you are using https(bug only in counters list).

2.0.1 * Fix for CORS (thanks for aureq for patch) * Changing versioning according to requirements

2.0 Initial release


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