This non-official DB-IP plugin adds an extra Location Provider to Geolocation, providing better accuracy for user location lookup in your Matomo (Piwik) visitor log.

It uses the free API by default which allows a quota of up to 1000 requests per day. For more requests, a commercial DB-IP API Key must be purchased. More details at:

How to I configure the plugin?

After installed, login as administrator.

  • Go to System > DB-IP to configure your API Key.
  • Go to Geolocation to enable BeeLikedDBIP as a Location Provider.

How can I increase the limit of queries per day?

Purchase a commercial API Key on and insert it in the DB-IP settings page.

What location data can this plugin retrieve?

This plugin currently supports the following properties: Continent, Country, Region, City, ISP, Organization, ZipCode, Latitude, Longitude and Area Code.

  • DB-IP - Settings

  • Geolocation - Location Provider

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