Help us to improve Matomo (Piwik) by sending anonymous usage data of your Matomo service to the creators of Matomo and/or get usage data yourself.

Track usage of your Matomo service into up to three Matomos:

  • (enabled by default but can be disabled). The tracked data will be used to make Matomo better. Thank you for your help!
  • your own Matomo (can be configured optionally)
  • a custom Matomo (can be configured optionally)

What is Matomo doing to make sure the data is anonymized?

We are very careful in what we track and we make sure to anonymize data that could contain user data.

  • We overwrite the page title as the title could contain the name of the viewed website
  • We remove any referrer information
  • We replace URL paramaters with a predefined value apart from a few whitelisted ones to make sure no actual token_auth, CSRF token or user defined value will be tracked
  • On 3 bytes of the IP are anonymised (eg when IP is we track only The original IP is not used to identify your location and provider information is not collected.
  • We do not just track any outlinks or downloads

When should I not install this plugin?

If you have developed a custom Matomo plugin that contains for example the name of your business in any of the following names we recommend to not install this plugin as it might be tracked:

  • name of a plugin
  • name of a controller action
  • name of a report
  • name of a widget
  • name of an API method

Plugins that are installed via the Marketplace should not pose a problem as their names don't contain any user specific information such as the name of your business.

We track any information as efficient as possible to not slow down your Matomo. If you have already performance problems with your Matomo we recommend to not install this plugin though.

Which data is tracked?

When the plugin is activated, the following data will be tracked:

  • The pages and reports that are viewed
  • The visitors' software and devices data like the used browser and the resolution
  • Some clicks or interactions with certain selectors or buttons. For example we track an event when a segment is selected but we do not track the actual segment.
  • In a daily task we track the following data:
    • Matomo version
    • PHP version
    • Number of websites
    • Number of users
    • Number of segments
    • How often which API method was called (only plugin name and method name but no parameters) and how long the API calls took on average.

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

Are there any prerequisites?

  • If sending usage data to Matomo (Piwik) is enabled, the Matomo installation must be connected to the internet
  • If tracking to a custom Matomo installation is enabled, your Matomo installation and your Matomo users must be able to connect to this instance
  • If tracking to a custom Matomo installation is enabled and your Matomo is served via HTTPS, the custom Matomo installation must be available via HTTPS as well

Why was this plugin created?

This plugin was created to provide a simple way to measure how Matomo product itself is being used. The opt-in and anonymised usage tracking information will be used by the Matomo creators to build a better product and a great user experience.

Who has access to the tracked data at

The data is public and therefore can be seen by anyone on

This is to assure the tracked data is anonymous (transparency) and to showcase how Matomo can be used to track an application.

  • AdminSettings

  • UserSettings

Download for Matomo On-Premise This plugin is not available for Matomo for WordPress

View and download this plugin for a specific Matomo version:

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