This is a plugin for the Open Source Web Analytics platform Matomo (Piwik). If enabled, it will add a new widget that you can add to your dashboard.

The widget will show the top performing pages of a site that auto-refreshes every x seconds. It shows the number of actions and the title of the page. It is auto-sorting the entries.

This plugin should run fine with installations with up to 100.000 page impressions per day. If you run a very large piwik installation and have performance issues with this plugin, please contact me - there is a solution for this. I have it up and running in an installation with more than 10 million visits per day.

(Tested with piwik 2.8.3, but supposed to run with older versions)


Here is a list of features that are included in this project:

  • Live widget ("Bestperforming pages") with key performance indices


Refresh interval: Defines how often the widgets will be updated. Every 30 seconds is a good value to choose.

Number of entries: Defines the number of entries to show in the widget.

  • toppagesbyactions

Download for Matomo On-Premise This plugin is not available for Matomo for WordPress

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