This plugins allows you to configure and track any Custom Dimensions. You can configure a Custom Dimension by giving it a name and a scope (Action or Visit). Afterwards you will see a new menu item in the reporting area for each configured dimension and be able to get its data. You can also export the report as a widget, segment by this dimenson, and more. For more information read the Custom Dimensions user guide or have a look in the FAQ.

Warning: Depending on the database size of your Matomo this plugin may take a long time to install.

I have a large database, can I install the plugin on the command line?

Yes, this is not only possible but even recommended as the installation may take hours. To do this follow these steps:

  • Download the Plugin from
  • Extract the files within the downloaded ZIP file
  • Copy the CustomDimensions directory into the plugins directory of your Matomo (Piwik)
  • Execute the command ./console plugin:activate CustomDimensions within your Matomo directory

Where can I manage Custom Dimensions?

Custom Dimensions can be managed by clicking on your username or user icon in the top right. There will be a menu item "Custom Dimensions" within the "Manage" section of the left menu. By clicking on it you can manage Custom Dimensions. Please note that the permission Admin is required in order to be able to manage them.

Where can I find the Id for a Custom Dimension?

You can find them by going to the "Manage Custom Dimensions" page in your personal area. For each dimension you will find the Id in the table that lists all available Custom Dimensions.

How do I set a value for a dimension in the JavaScript Tracker?

Please have a look at the JavaScript Tracker guide for Custom Dimensions.

How do I set a value for a dimension in the PHP Tracker?

$tracker->setCustomTrackingParameter('dimension' . $customDimensionId, $value);

Please note custom tracking parameters are cleared after each tracking request. If you want to keep the same Custom Dimensions over all request make sure to call this method before each tracking call.

I have configured all available Custom Dimension slots, can I add more?

Yes, this is possible. To make a new Custom Dimension slot available execute the following command including the scope option:

./console customdimensions:add-custom-dimension --scope=action
./console customdimensions:add-custom-dimension --scope=visit

Be aware that this can take a long time depending on the size of your database as it requires MySQL schema changes. You can directly create multiple Custom Dimension slots. To do this add the option --count=X. Usually it doesn't take much longer to create directly multiple new slots.

Is it possible to delete a Custom Dimension and all of its data?

In the UI it is only possible to deactivate a dimension. However, on the command line you can remove a Custom Dimension and report it's log data by executing the following console command:

./console customdimensions:remove-custom-dimension --scope=$scope --index=$index

Make sure to replace $scope and $index with the correct values. To get a list of all available indexes execute ./console customdimensions:info.

Removing a Custom Dimension may take a long time as it requires MySQL schema changes. Currently, only log data is removed. Archived reports will be not deleted currently.

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