No website is complete without a nostalgic view counter at the bottom!

This plugin allows you to add an image showing the total amount of visits per idSite.

Important: Installing this plugin makes the output of the VisitsSummary.get API endpoint visible for everyone!

<img src="https://yourmatomoinstance.example/index.php?module=ClassicCounter&action=svg&idSite=1&period=day">

Optional parameters:

  • &mode= one of ["nb_visits", "nb_actions", "nb_visits_converted", "bounce_count", "sum_visit_length", "max_actions", "bounce_rate", "nb_actions_per_visit", "avg_time_on_site"] (responses from the VisitsSummary.get API)
  • backgroundColor: A hex color without the # (e.g. f00 or fe1234)
  • foregroundColor
  • lightColor


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